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Backmask Biography

In 2007, Backmask released their critically acclaimed debut album, Dark Fiber. Combining melodic deathmetal roots with progressive, electronic, symphonic, black metal, and folk influences, the album was recognized for its diversity and musicality. With Shane McFee producing and playing all instruments except bass guitar (handled by Richard Chapleau), Dark Fiber represents the first chapter in a story that is still being written.

In 2008, Shane developed and released Recabinet, an audio effects software plugin, which has become an industry standard in guitar speaker cabinet simulation. While his role as a software startup founder and developer began to consume much of his time over the next 4 years, Shane continued to write and record new music in his spare time.

Joined by longtime friend and collaborator, bassist Eric Eskelson, Shane is currently working on Backmask’s follow-up to Dark Fiber.