An Update from Shane

Hello to anyone who still visits this website. As many of you may have guessed, Backmask has been dormant for longer than not, as my duties with Kazrog LLC have consumed more time than I can devote to what a band was supposed to be circa 2000 when I started it. While I am working on new music in my spare time (some of which I plan to release in 2018) I think it would be disrespectful to anyone who has participated in this project in the past to continue to label whatever I create as “Backmask.”

The original concept for Backmask was that it would be a band – a band that does normal things like touring, releasing albums regularly, minimizing lineup changes, etc. I don’t see that as the kind of thing that fits in my life, possibly ever again, so it’s silly to cling to what was really a concept I first dreamed up as a teenager (in a vastly different era.) It’s a dream I once had – but my dreams and goals have changed and evolved over time, and I’m much happier doing what I do now than I would have ever been constantly touring.

I felt the need to publish this update, both for a sense of closure and for absolute clarity about what the future holds and does not hold. Any new music that I create will be linked here in the news feed over time, as well as new music by notable past members of the band.

So, while Backmask itself has finally reached its logical endpoint, there is new music on the way, and I look forward to getting it out there!



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