Backmask Release “Dark Fiber” on CD, announce contest, tour dates

Two months after the release of Backmask’s debut full-length album Dark Fiber as a digital download, the album is finally available on CD for $13.99 from . Don’t feel like shelling out the cash? is hosting a contest for 5 lucky fans to win signed copies of the CD! Enter the contest here.

Backmask is also in the process of booking tour dates. New dates are being posted to the Backmask MySpace page as soon as they’re confirmed.

Dark Fiber In The Press

Check out this review of Dark Fiber courtesy of German language metal site Our friend Suzie provided the following English translation for those of you who don’t speak German:

When I was going around on all fours through the internet link through link, I suddenly landed on the homepage of a, until now, totally unknown US metal band called Backmask. Since “metal” is not always exactly metal and the cover on Dark Fiber does not lead me into a certain direction then I need to make myself a little smarter; and as seen, both musicians name as their influences bands such as Soilwork… Now that makes me curious.

Right away the first song “New Revelation” goes straight through the wall and swings like a wrecking ball, the reason could be in the beginning of the CD the bass is very over-proportionate. Luckily that ends rather quickly and for the rest of the 85% of the playing time one can enjoy the high-end production demo. But what kind of music is Backmask actually? I asked Hauptmann [another editor], and he said that it is not very easy. It could most likely be considered Modern Melodic Progressive Thrash Death Metal, but again, not really. It starts in the direction of Modern Thrash Death, the middle part goes back to Melodic Death Album and it ends as Progressive Death Metal. Everything clear so far? The best thing about the album is that it switches among the genres which shows it quality as an album. The main memorableness of the band lies with the melody, which in the refrains sound very Swedish and the instrumental was set wonderfully into the scene. That again is underpainted by a very variable voice, which can both growl and sing, and both are cleanly met.

Whoever wants an overview of Dark Fiber, you can listen to the first song of the album or for those who have more time, enjoy the 9 minute progressive highlight “Prisoner of Mind,” where the band shows all that it is capable of. The complete CD is available for download on the bands homepage and they start at $9.99. With the dollar being where it is at the moment, spending only that much for a CD of this quality is a joke.

Backmask Ruling!

GarageBandBackmask is dominating the charts and winning Metal Reviewers’ Picks with the songs “New Revelation” and “The Architect.”

“New Revelation” awards:
Track of the Day on 25Jan2007 in Metal
Best Male Vocals in Metal, week of 8Jan2007
Best Guitars in Metal, week of 1Jan2007
Best Drums in Metal, week of 1Jan2007
Best Production in Metal, week of 1Jan2007
Best Beat in Metal, week of 1Jan2007
Most Original in Metal, week of 8Jan2007
Rocking Track in Metal, week of 1Jan2007

“The Architect ” awards:
Best Drums overall, week of 1Jan2007
Best Drums in Metal, week of 1Jan2007
Best Bass in Metal, week of 8Jan2007
Best Production in Metal, week of 1Jan2007
Best Beat overall, week of 1Jan2007
Best Beat in Metal, week of 1Jan2007
Rocking Track in Metal, week of 1Jan2007

Dark Fiber Launch

Welcome to our new website! We’re proud to announce that our debut album Dark Fiber has been released and is available to buy and download now! Enjoy! We’ll be adding more features to the website over the next few days, so be sure to sign up for our email list on the right and check back frequently!

Dark Fiber artwork and track listing announced!

Here’s the artwork and tracklist for BACKMASK’s debut album Dark Fiber:

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  1. New Revelation
  2. Thought Experiment
  3. Transmission
  4. Frozen In Apathy
  5. The Architect
  6. Blacklisted
  7. Zero Point
  8. Escape Velocity
  9. Prisoner Of Mind
  10. Dark Fiber

Total running time: 51:30

Buy and Download Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Kazrog Studios and Lizard Rock, in Santa Barbara, California, in the fall of 2006, by Shane McFee and Richard Chapleau. Artwork and layout was made by Shane McFee. Dark Fiber will be released worldwide on December 5th, 2006 through